Places that You Must Visit While Travelling in Pakistan

Pakistan is a wonderful country to visit with its abundance of nature and memorable places to visit. An insight into these memorable places will help you understand what awaits you in this incredible destination. Here are a few must visit spots that you need to know about if you are planning a trip to Pakistan:

Shah Faisal Mosque: Located in Islamabad, the Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque of Pakistan. Designed by Vedat Dalokay, a Turkish architect, this mosque adopts the shape of a desert Bedouin’s tent and represents an iconic symbol across the world. The location of this mosque makes it very picturesque with the view of the Margalla Hills as the backdrop. The mosque was named after Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz, the late king of Saudi Arabia as he financed and supported the project.

Taxila Museum: If you are a person who loves history, you will fall in love with the Taxila Museum, located at Taxila, Rawalpindi. Located at one of the historical sites that date back to the 600 or 700 BC, this museum has a rare collection of the Gandharan art. There are about 4000 objects on display and they include stones, terracotta, stucco, iron, gold, silver and various semiprecious stones. You will see many objects that belonged to the period between 600 BC and 500 AD. Most of these objects represent the religions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

Sunehri Masjid: Sunehri Masjid of Lahore is another place to visit. You will be amazed by its gold-plated minarets and those three gilded domes, which still shine quite brightly.

Mausoleum of Sheikh Rukn-i-alam: Sheikh Rukn-i-alam was a pious scholar known as the patron saint of Multan. This beautiful structure built out of timber and red-brick was offered by the son of Tughlaq king Ghiyasud as the resting place for the saint.

Moenjodaro city: This is one place you would love if you are an archaeology buff. You will get to see about 1/3rd area of the city which is not yet excavated. However, it might require some efforts to get there.

Swat Museum: This museum in Saidu Sharif will give you an insight into the life of Buddha with its tiny reliquaries, seals and various other treasures collected from Udegram and Butkara No.1. You will also get to see many pre-Buddhist artefacts, apart from the ethnographic gallery that displays traditionally carved Swati furniture, wonderful embroideries and exquisite pieces of jewelry. The museum was funded partly by the Japanese.

Baltit fort: Located in the Hunza valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, this ancient fort was renovated by master craftsmen of Balti who were brought by the princess of Baltistan as a part of her dowry, when she got married to the local prince.

Purple Haze: Purple Haze refers to an eatery that attracts many youngsters who want to look at the hip side of Karachi. Dimly lit and plush, this place has Wi-Fi and hosts live music on weekends. Food is mainly of Western and fusion styles with noodles, burgers, cheesecakes and wonderful coffee.

Quaid-i-azam Mausoleum: This structure is dedicated to the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Situated in a small park atop a stepped pyramid, this mausoleum adopts a curiously shaped structure that attracts many.

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