The Best Of Cairns

Experience the Best of Cairns, Australia

Lying on the northeastern coast of Australia, Cairns offers a number of natural attractions ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to the famous rainforest. Experience the Aborigine culture and come face-to-face with wildlife in a unique way. Car hire services provide the convenience and freedom of exploring the region at a leisurely pace.

Great Barrier Reef

The reef remains one of the main reasons people visit Cairns. Deemed one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef spans over 2,600 kilometres and consists of approximately 3,000 reefs. This unique destination consists of over 6,000 species of plant life that include colourful corals and sponges. Around 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 species of molluscs make their home in the reef. Guests may tour the area by glass bottom boat, by snorkelling or scuba diving. The amazing clarity of the water extends to 40 metres. Besides the vast array of underwater life found here, the area features approximately 30 shipwrecks.

Daintree Rainforest

Covering 1,200 square kilometres, the Daintree enjoys recognition as the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth. Numerous types of plants and animals coexist here. Guests begin their visit at the visitor’s centre. An aerial canopy walkway provides amazing views over the mid section of the forest and links with the entrance, coffee shop and the Canopy Tower. The tower stands 23 metres high and features five levels of observation points. Guests may additionally take guided tours through the area, which not only provide information about the forest, but also include wildlife encounters.

Aborigine Culture

Drive the car hire vehicle north of Cairns to the Cairns Cultural Place and meet a tribe of local Aborigines. Throw a boomerang or a spear. Learn to play the didgeridoo. Enjoy live performances featuring music, dance and dreamtime stories. The Centre also offers a meal of traditional foods that include crocodile. Venture to Port Douglas and the locals take guests on water-based activities that include spear fishing and hunts for mussels. Learn how the people use their natural surroundings in everyday life. Just outside of Cooktown, guests have the opportunity of taking tours provided by local elders to the Reconciliation Cave. Here visitors see ancient rock art and hear the stories behind tribal origination.

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Unlike conventional zoos, the Cairns Tropical Zoo provides numerous opportunities for guests to interact with a variety of animals. A wonderful family friendly environment enables visitors of all ages to hold, touch and feed the animals that include adorable koalas and tame kangaroos. Talk to the cockatoos, pet a crocodile or hold a snake. Regular shows held throughout the day inform spectators about a variety of animals while providing the chance for interaction.

Paronella Park

This magical destination lies 120 kilometres south of Cairns on the Old Bruce Highway. In the early 1900s, Jose Paronella constructed a home for his bride and they began their family. Over the years, Jose constructed a castle using materials from the environment and harnessing water from the river for power. He created numerous gardens and planted thousands of plants that decorated walkways and paths. His castle included a theatre and vast spaces where he regularly invited friends and neighbours. Fire and cyclones took their toll on the main castle, but other aspects of the property remain intact. The current owner continues renovations. The facility welcomes guests to explore the estate and witness one man’s dream come to life.

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