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Umrah Flights


Same Day Instant Saudi Visa For Tourist’s and Umrah Now Available – Enquire Today.

*Applicable Passport Holders Only, Travel within 1 year Maximum Duration 90 Days.

How to book Umrah flights

For anyone looking to perform Umrah must firstly observe and follow strict guidelines in accordance with the Muslim faith, although Umrah itself is not obligatory such as Hajj it is an act of virtue and highly rewarded.

Umrah can be performed almost all year round with no specific dates and no requirements to travel as part of a group, however there are certain times when you cannot travel for Umrah mostly during Hajj season and immediately after Ramadan and around 2 months after Hajj.

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For Umrah you can travel to Jeddah or Medina Airports only either direct or indirect flights

Peak Umrah Seasons

December 70%
April 80%
July 90%

Visiting Saudi Arabia for Umrah purposes requires a valid visa, there is no requirement to travel as part of a guided tour, Umrah can be performed if suitable flights are arranged allowing for a stopover if enroute to another country subject to meeting the visa requirements.

Rules for Umrah

The rites of Umrah are as below, please note it is up to each individual to ensure they are familiar with the process and strict formalities that need to be observed when performing Umrah.

  • Entering the state of Ihram
  • Tawaf of Kabah
  • Say’ee between the hills of safa and marwah
  • Shaving/clipping of the hair

There are various online sources of information available to help with your Umrah planning, please refer to those documents to ensure you are fully aware of the obligatory requirements when traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah Purposes.

Below are the 5 conditions which must be observed.

  • He must be a Muslim
  • Must be an adult
  • Must be of sound state and mind
  • He Must be free
  • Women must have a Mahram
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Group Bookings

Group bookings are normally cheaper and offer a greater deal of flexibility in regards to booking and arranging, group bookings on airlines are generally sold well in advance usually from 6-10 months of your preffered travel dates. These type of bookings can be arranged though specialist travel agents and require a small deposit and you dont usually have to provide the traveller names until a couple of ways of the travel date. Not all airlines offer these type of bookings, currently the most popular airlines offering group bookings is Saudi Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Etihad Airways. PIA also offer special rates for saudi however they dont currently offer group discounts and travellers will need to connect via 3 major airports in Pakistan. For PIA Flights call or book online for the best fares to pakistan and beyond.

Departure Date:

Return Date:

In order to visit Saudi Arabia you will first need to obtain a valid Umrah Visa, it is also worth noting that due to construction works being carried out in Makkah the Umrah visa’s are currently on a quota system i.e. limited during certain peak seasons such as Ramadhan.

UK airport facilities – Prayer rooms and Wash Areas

Most UK airports offer multi faith prayer rooms and wudu(ablution) and wash areas making it easy for Umrah and Hajj passengers to accommodate their needs prior to their pilgrimage.

Manchester Airport – Terminal 2 & 3 offer prayer room, changing room and Wudu Facilites.

Birmingham Airport – Main terminal building next to departures have prayer room and wash facilities.

London Heathrow – Departure terminals from 2-5 all have prayer room and wash facilities.

Umrah Checklist – Key things to remember when booking your trip

  • A passport valid for 6 months or longer
  • Non British passport holders will require proof of residency
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Meningitis certificate
  • Hotel/Accommodation voucher
  • A valid e-ticket confirmation

Popular Online Flight Searches

FlightsPriceDateCheapest Airline
Birmingham - Jeddah£38915 DecemberTurkish
Manchester - Jeddah£40017 DecemberSaudi
London - Jeddah£45024 DecemberSaudi
London - Medina£46025 DecemberQatar
Birmingham - Medina£43027 DecemberAir France
Manchester - Medina£39028 DecemberKLM
Edinburgh - Jeddah£42031 DecemberEtihad
Glasgow - Medina£46501 JanuaryEmirates
Newcastle - Jeddah£50002 JanuaryEmirates

Umrah Visa applications now open - call for more details

Download Umrah Application Form Here

Flights To Jeddah & Medina - Saudi Arabia

Special offer fares for Umrah - Selected by us

ManchesterEmirates airlinesJeddahEconomy Class£470.00Call or book online
BirminghamTurkish AirlinesJeddahEconomy Class£488.00Call or book online
HeathrowQatar airwaysJeddahEconomy Class£565.00Call or book online
DublinEtihad airwaysMedinaEconomy Class£477.00Call or book online
GlasgowEmirates airlinesMedinaEconomy Class£542.00Call or book online
HeathrowKuwait airwaysMedinaEconomy Class£590.00Call or book online
HeathrowGulf airMedinaEconomy Class£435.00Call or book online
ManchesterEtihad airwaysMedinaEconomy Class£467.00Call or book online
HeathrowOman AirMedinaEconomy Class£472.00Call or book online
HeathrowMiddle East AirlinesJeddahEconomy Class£355.00Call or book online
ManchesterSaudi AirlinesJeddahEconomy Class£448.00Call or book online
HeathrowEgypt AirJeddaEconomy Class£449.00Call or book online

Some special offer and discounted fares may not be available during peak seasons, fares advertised are correct at time of publishing.

Please note: For Umrah you will require a meningococcal meningitis certificate which can be obtained through your GP practice or through a dispensing chemist on a private basis. Without the certificate you will not be able to apply for a visa.

Disclaimer: Mushtaq Travel are not a tour operator and as such do not offer Umrah packages or sell Umrah Tours. It is not a requirement to travel as part of a tour for Umrah pilgrimage although we highly recommend for first time Umrah travelers to visit the holy sites as part of a guided tour or group.

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