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Flights To Saudi Arabia

Flight Tickets To Saudi Arabia

The demand for flights to Saudia Arabia have always been staggering and very competitive, with almost all airlines flying into this part of the world at full capacity, flight prices vary significantly demanding on availability of flights, season's, airlines and most of all if your travelling during peak umrah season average last minute flights can range from £600 to over £1000 for a return economy class roundtrip fare to either Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Janbu, Dammam and most other international airports in Saudi Arabia.

Official airline & website: Saudi Arabian Airlines
Main contact centre for customer service based in London: 0871 200 44 33

Saudi Airlines offer discounted fares on economy classes and run periodic campaigns for their special promotional fares for families and individuals travelling for pleasure or business.

Quick Facts About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country with a monarchy system.
Saudi Arabia is the 14th largest country on Earth.
Saudi Arabia has the largest sand desert on Earth.
Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s tallest water fountain named Jeddah.
The largest city of Saudi Arabia and their capital is Riyadh.
It is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages in Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh has the world’s biggest camel market.
Saudi Arabia has two of the biggest mosques in Makkah and Madinah.
Saudi Arabia has more oil than any other country in the world.

Airlines That Fly To Saudi Arabia

Currently the following airlines have direct and indirect flights to Saudi Arabia from the UK

PIA - Pakistan Int Airlines (IATA Code: PK)
Emirates Airlines (IATA Code: EK)
Etihad Airways (IATA Code: EY)
Qatar Airways (IATA Code: QR)
Turkish Airlines (IATA Code: TK)
Kuwait Airways (IATA Code: KU)
Oman Air (IATA Code: WY)
Saudi Arabian Airlines (IATA Code: SV)
British Airways (IATA Code: BA)
Middle East Airlines (IATA Code: ME)
Egypt Air (IATA Code: MS)
Pegasus Airlines (IATA Code: PC)
Jazeera Airways (IATA Code: J9)
Royal Jordanian (IATA Code: RJ)

Book flights to all Saudi Arabia from London, Birmingham, Manchester

When travelling to Saudi Arabia customers should take particular care and and do their own research as tourists without visa's are not allowed to visit Saudi unless you are transitting in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Dammam or Yanbu Airports and your transit time is less than 12 hours. If your transit time is over 12 hours you may be required to obtain a transit visa in advance of your intended travel dates. People should also make every effort to ensure you have checked the visa applicability rules and should always contact an approved travel agent such as Mushtaq Travel to check the latest news and travel information regarding travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are different rules for entry into Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj passengers must obtain further information as to the validity of travel dates, as Umrah season operates for around 7-8 months only during the whole year, an Umrah visa should be obtained prior to booking your flights.

For Hajj passengers you must make arrangemenents with a tour operator specialising in Hajj Tours, an individual is not able to travel to Saudi without being a part of an approved group of hajj tour operators. It is the duty of the tour operator to ensure your complete hajj tour is booked with suitable accommodation, transfers and food.

For ordinary visitors looking to travel to Saudi Arabia, a suitable tourist visa must be obtained prior to booking your flights, this will apply to business travellers also who must ensure they obtain the correct visa for entry into Saudi Arabia. Please note to visit saudi arabia as a family visitor you will require a sponsorship from a family member currently living in saudi. The only other way to travel into saudi arabia will be to obtain a valid umrah visa or a business visa.

  For umrah visa applications please click here

Average Price Guide To Jeddah

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