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General FAQ's

I have a problem with my online booking

If you have made an online booking outside of our normal office hours or at the weekends, we will en-devour to contact you within 24hours, we monitor all online bookings 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For urgent enquiries please contact customer support (click here to open)

I have made a spelling mistake

You must contact us immediately to advise us of the mistake, name corrections are not always possible however this depends on how soon you advise us.

I am unable to select the correct date of birth for my child aged 12-15 years (youth)

Due to a limitation in the booking systems it may not be possible to enter the correct date of birth for youths, this can be amended later and the correct fare is still applied. Please note unless your flight is originating from the UK, there is no discount for children aged 12 and over.

Why book with us?

We aim to exceed expectations and work effortlessly to ensure we can offer you the best level of service at all times, were here to assist you fully during and after the booking process.

How can I make a payment are there any surcharges?

We offer easy and convenient ways to pay:

  • "No surcharge for paying by cash or bank transfer"
  • "No surcharge for paying by your personal debit or credit card"
  • "A 2% surcharge is applied to business/commercial cards"
  • "We accept payment by debit or credit card using our secure online payment gateway"
When will I recieve my E-tickets?

You will recieve your e-tickets immediately by email as soon as we recieve your payment, in some cases this can take longer i.e. if we need to make additional checks to verify your identity or if there is a problem with your payment. (If booking outside office hours e-tickets are emailed within 24hours, we monitor all online bookings 7 days a week, 365 days a year)

What if need to cancel my flight?

In the unlikely event you have to cancel your eticket for what ever reason you should make immediate contact with either your airline or by calling our reservations on 01332 361650 or outside office hours contact customer support (click here to open) .

For further details please see our terms and conditions page.

Can I change my travel dates?

It may be possible to make changes to your travel dates however this depends on the type of ticket you hold and subject to date change fees, most airlines offer date changes at a charge and subject to availability. You may have to pay the difference in fare depending on the availability of seats and a number of factors attached to your ticket i.e. if you purchased a low season ticket and want to change your date to a high season ticket you will have to pay the additional costs plus the date change penalty.

Please note some tickets are non changeable and fully non refundable

For further details please see our terms and conditions page.

What is my checked baggage allowance?

Your checked baggage allowance for departures from the UK is as follows: (Travel must also originate from UK)
Please note: The information below is only an indication correct baggage is displayed during the booking process.

  • PIA - Economy Class - 40kg allowance, maximum 30kg in 1 piece.
  • Emirates Airlines - 40kg allowance, maximum 30kg in 1 piece.
  • Etihad Airways - 30kg allowance.
  • Qatar Airways - 40 kg allowance,maximum 30kg in 1 piece.
  • Kuwait Airways - 46 kg allowance, maximum 30kg in 1 piece.
  • Saudi Arabian - 23 kg allowance.
  • Turkish Airlines - 46 kg allowance, maximum 30kg in 1 piece.
What is my hand carry allowance?

Please note hand carry on most long haul airlines is 5kg, however the exact allowance must be checked by calling us or the airline directly, Any kind of liquids, gels and cosmetics exceeding 100ml are not permitted in hand luggage.

All smaller containers must be taken in a transparent plastic bag.

As a strict rule, airlines do not allow sharp objects like razors, knives, blades, etc in the hand luggage. Remember to pack sharp objects in your checked baggage.

Will I need a visa for my trip?

You are advised to ensure that your travel documentation is in order prior to departure. It is likely that you will be turned away at check in if you do not have the correct documentation, Furthermore, most countries will not allow you to enter on a one-way ticket without the relevant visa or documentation.

It is very likely that you will need a visa if you are traveling outside of the EU (european union) you must check this with the relevant authorities or check with our travel consultants who will be able to guide you to the right direction.

Can I take my medication in the cabin?

Yes, but these must be prescribed and in your name, non essential medication should be packed in your luggage.

Can I take my laptop or Ipad or a digital device?

Yes, these items can be carried on board the aircraft and in most cases are not part of your 5kg hand baggage allowance, but you may not be allowed to carry more than 1 electrical item, this may vary depening on your airline therefore please check with us if unsure.

I am taking my infant will I get a bassinet on board?

We can make a request to the airline on your behalf however this is normally done on a first come first serve basis, so you should try to checkin at least 3 hours prior to departures, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a bassinet seat.

Can I take a Push chair?

Yes, most airlines will allow you to either check this in with your checked luggage or take with you to the doors of the aircraft.

Can I take my own wheelchair?

Yes, you can take your own wheelchair however this will depend on a number things and must be arranged with the airline well in advance as they will need to make the necessary arrangements. Most airlines will normally ask you to fill out a medical form which will need to be signed by your doctor.

Will I be charged for extra luggage?

We advise that you keep your luggage within the allowed allowances as excess baggage can cost upto £25 per Kg on average, this really depends on the airline. Pia usually charge £15per Kg and Emirates usually charge £25per Kg.

Can my children travel on there own without an adult?

This is possible, however these requests must be arranged well in advance with the airline concerned and is discretionary, there maybe a charge for making such arrangements, children 12 years and over should normally be allowed without extra charges.

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