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AirBlue Flights Info

Airblue Flights To Pakistan From Manchester Birmingham

Airblue known as Air Blue Pakistan is a private limited company and the second largest airline of Pakistan with its head office based in the capital city of Islamabad. The airline has been in operation since 2004 and has becomme increasingly popular among the Pakistani community both domestically and internationally among the UK passengers of Manchester and Birmingham.

Official website:
Main contact centre for customer service is: 01612365550 / 01612358794

Airblue flights to Pakistan operate on a 3 weekly flight schedule from Manchester to Islamabad and Lahore operating via an airbus a340 wide bodied aircraft and flying direct to Islamabad Pakistan. The airline is due to start operations from Birmingham to Islamabad and Lahore from 28 September 2013. Air blue has announced 2 weekly flights from birmingham on Wednedsay and Saturday's.

About Air Blue Airlines Pakistan Ltd

The airline has over 30 flights daily to various parts of the world, including Dubai UAE, Sharjah UAE, Muscat Oman, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Manchester and Birmingham, Airblue also fly 4 domestic routes within Pakistan from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Nawabshah, and Rahim Yar Khan. currently Airblue tickets can be purchased through nominated Travel Agents such as Mushtaq Travel with flexible ticket conditions as apposed to restricted non refundable tickets which can be purchased through the airlines own website.

Airblue Baggage Allowance: Airblue baggage allowance is currently 32kg for both adults and child passengers, there is no baggage allowance for infants, an extra 32kg can be purchased hassle free for only £20 at time of booking making your total allowance an incredible 64kg this is an unprecendented baggage allowance for Pakistan flights

Pre-Seat Allocation: Airblue is a budget airline and does not gurantee the availability of any pre allocated seats, the option to chose your own seat may not always be available. It is advisable to arrive early at the check counters to ensure you benfit from seat selection.

Name Changes: In case where your name is siginificantly different to your travel documentation and on your eticket record, you should immediately consult your travel agent, name changes are not always possible however for minor alterations a special remark can be inserted in to your booking to notify the airline, in most cases this is not a problem, there maybe a charge to change or alter a name this depends on the type of ticket you hold and other conditions, a travel agent may be able to assist with this if required and provide you with the best possible solution.

Airline alliances: Airblue is not a member of any major airline alliance.

Air miles: Airblue offers a rewards scheme and is one of the best in the industry, with only 8000 miles required for a free flight offer, the scheme is called blue miles and is a trade mark of airblue limited. Blue miles can also be earned by everyday spending with an airblue mastercard credit card. There are currently 3 levels of membership basic, blue and platinum all offering different levels of awards.

Child fares: The child fares are discounted in proprtion to the adults fare, most child fares are dicounted by around 10% on the lowest applicable fare, however child fares are dicosunted as the price for the adult ticket increases. Infants are currently capped at £96.00 for a return ticket.

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Airblue Service Update

Please Note: Airblue Airlines are not operating flights any longer between the UK and Pakistan.

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