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Family Holiday Ideas

All parents know how difficult it can be to plan a successful family holiday. There are just so many constraints: time, budget, size, location, length, climate, etc, etc, etc...It’s a wonder anyone ever gets anything done! Arguably the most difficult part of the planning process is coming up with that initial inspiration that gets you going. In an attempt to help out with this problem, here are a few ideas for family holiday destinations, relating to budgetary constraints.

For those on a tighter budget this year, why not consider holidaying in the UK? Though it may seem like a last resort at first glance, there are actually numerous options for people choosing to spend their holidays in the UK. Why not locate a B&B or small hotel in the perfect spot for exploring a new region? Britain is full of seaside towns and country villages that have lots to do for any family. To be a little more adventurous, it’s worth noting that camping has become vastly more popular in recent years, and rightly so. A real budget option that is also great for some quality family time, camping comes in many shapes and forms and gives you the freedom to move around and explore.

If your budget is slightly more flexible, there are many European countries that can be easily (and cheaply) reached from the UK which have lots to offer to families. Traditional holiday spots like the south of France and Italy are great for sun, sea and sand, whilst largely undiscovered locations in Eastern Europe can give you value for money and a whole different cultural experience to boot. Companies like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor can be a great source of inspiration on how to pick out your European holiday spot, whilst and their contemporaries provide great package deals on flights and accommodation.

Families with a little extra cash to spend this year might consider a holiday to Dubai. A luxurious location (home to the world’s only seven star hotel), there’s plenty for the kids to do whilst the parents pamper themselves a bit. Head for older, less shiny Dubai to experience more of the country’s traditions and customs, and pick up some flavoursome food from its bustling markets. The holiday needn’t be a complete blow out; look at companies like Mushtaq Travel,, who offer many cheap flights to Dubai to help you maintain a healthy budget during your holiday. If nothing else, this proves that family holidays are do-able on any budget, so try not to despair too much when the planning process feels like it might not be worth the bother. With a little research, you’re sure to find a destination that works for you and your family.

Travel To Dubai

dubai travel guide Visit Dubai For an experience of a lifetime, enjoy the worlds fastest growing tourist destination today for as little as £315.00 return per person...

What you should know before travelling to Dubai

  • It is a mandatory requirement to have your passport valid for at least 6 Months
  • A visa is required if your stay is for more than 30 days
  • Immunisations maybe required please speak with your GP
  • Check with the FCO website for any travel safety advice for travel to the UAE/Dubai
  • It is advisable for tourists to stay in tourist areas
  • UAE Dhiram is the official currency used within the UAE, all major currencies can be easily exchanged within Dubai.
  • Travel insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended.

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