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  • Single trip policies with no upper age limit
  • Online policy issuing system, mobile and tablet
  • FREE business travel & optional winter sports cover
  • FREE cover for 120 sporting activities
  • FREE cover for over 300 medical conditions
  • Pay by credit or debit card through secure encrypted gateway
  • There is NO cover available if travelling to a part of a country, specific area or event where a warning has been issued by the foreign & commonwealth (FCO) or where the World Health Organisation has advised against all travel or all but essential travel. This applies to most travel insurance policies, if you have a travel insurance arranged through your bank or any other insurer you should check with them directly.

Travel Insurance is very useful and in most cases a must have priority anything can happen while you are enjoying a relaxing holiday, visiting family or on a business trip. Therefore to protect yourself and your family it is highly recommended to be secured against most of the uncertainties that a traveler is exposed to. The knowledge of knowing you are protected againts the perils is always a peace of mind security. If you have packed your bags for a business trip or for a vacation, one of the important things you need to check is whether you have travel insurance or not. There is no certainty in life. Anything can happen while you are enjoying your holiday. Thefore, a person should know what is covered by travel insurance so that you can know whether you have adequate coverage or not.

Its often an after thought when booking a trip but good Travel Insurance can be a life saver if things go wrong, especially if you're thousands of miles away from home. You might assume that there's little difference between most travel insurance policies. In reality, the quality of cover and excesses you'll have to pay can vary substantially. This might not be a concern now but will be crucial should you make a claim.

A travel agent does not possess the specialisation when it comes to travel insurance policies therefore making it the obvious alternative that coping with insurance coverage means coping with the insurance suppliers themselves. Make use of a proper travel insurance policy to protect what is owned and valuable to individuals.

Use online services to search among the different providers that can give travel insurance depending on the need. Remember that most insurance policies may also contain what is called as an excess which simply pertains to the cost of any predetermined provision. This can be mandatory or not and a higher face price may result to lower premiums demanded.

Travel insurance prices may vary depending on your travel dates, we advise that you check through the terms and conditions carefully, please note travel insurance may not be valid for persons travelling from outside of the UK.

Note: Mushtaq Travel are not authorised to sell or advise on travel insurance, all purchases and contracts are with city bond suretravel. For cheap tickets to pakistan islamabad on etihad, emirates airlines, pia, air blue please book online or call

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