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Cheapest Special Offer Flights

We are sure you will find some great flight offers for worldwide destinations, prices are often updated on a daily basis with various airlines such as PIA - Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Virign Atlantic, Saudi Arabian and many others, fares are always live if using our online booking engine to search for the best flight deals to anywhere in the world.

With so many combinations available to book these days often some special deals are missed if you dont book in advance therefore plan your holidays abroad at least 6-9 months early, for last minute flight deals always check directly with a travel agent either local or online agencies. Seats are often held by some travel agents by their customers and where the demands are often at the highest levels, therfore always speak with a specialist booking agent such as Mushtaq Travel.

By booking your holidays or flight only with an accredited and established PIA travel agency you can be assured of the highest levels of customer satisfaction, let the travel experts handle all aspects of your travel arrangements to guarantee the best possible flight deals and peace of mind that you will be provided with the best travel advice which forms a crucial part of your holiday arrangement, it is mandatory that all prerequisites are fully met when going abroad, from visa's to passport and health requirements a travel expert can ensure you are kept fully updated on the latest requirements.

For customers who require special assistance when travelling abroad should not worry about any special handling requests as often airlines such as Emirates are well equiped to provide the support and assistance to those who are requiring additional support during their flight. Customers can request any special requirements at the begining of the booking process to ensure there is sufficient time for the airlines to make suitable arrangements to avoid any last minute surprises.

Mushtaq Travel offer all of its customers / clients with priority levels of customer support, by ensuring we go through all the neccessary requirements when travelling abroad, it can be quite stressful when trying to search for answers to some typically straight forward questions which can be quite confusing such as Visa requirements, health, passport, baggage, trasit times etc etc. We make sure our guidance and support is of the highest levels and where possible assist customers with special needs to avoid any hassle or inconvenience. With fully qualified travel / reservations staff we are best suited to provide an efficient hassle free service to all of our customers, no matter where you are based, We accept all credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercards for flight bookings and accomodation.

Book your special offer flights to pakistan today with extra discounts on Turkish Airlines, Etihad and Qatar Airway (Limited Time Offer)

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PIA Flights

PIA - Pakistan International Airlines currently have special offers to all over Pakistan if travelling from the United Kingdom, i.e. Manchester To Islamabad, Manchester to Lahore flight prices start at only £429.00 including taxes. Flights from Birmingham to Islamabad start at £435.00 for adults including taxes. London Heathrow to Islamabad and Lahore start at only £460.00, Karachi flights are currently the lowest from heathrow at only £430.00 return. There are options to fly via the main international airports to domestic cities such as Multan, Sialkot, Sukkur, Faisalabad and Gilgit at a small cost combined with your international flight. PIA Flights are the most popular for Pakistani passengers due to its direct flight path, making the distance between Pakistan and UK around 7 hours flying time, compared with indirect flights it is by far the quickest flight option for its british and pakistani passengers..

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (THY) have some of the best known special offer fares to all over the world, at various times of the year Turkish Airlines promote such deals through appointed travel agents such as Mushtaq Travel, with more savings on over 200 international destinations Turkish are sure to be able to provide the best flight deal no matter where in the world you decide to travel. With daily flight departures from the UK including London heathrow, London gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh airports the possibilities with THY are huge, with discounts on offer throughout the year customers are always the number 1 priority for the airline. All THY departures from UK airports and worldwide are flown directly to Istanbul airport, the main international hub for the airline able to handle millions of passengers each year and providing easy and efficient connections to more than 200 destinations worldwide.

Baggage Allowances

Below guidelines are Valid if your travel is originating from the UK only. PIA (PK) - Adult 40kg, Child 40kg, Infant 10kg.
Emirates (EK) - Adult 40kg, Child 40kg, Infant 10kg.
Etihad (EY) - Adult 30kg, Child 30kg, Infant 10kg.
Turkish (TK) - Adult 30kg, Child 30kg, Infant 10kg.
Saudi (SV)- Adult & Child 2 Pieces of 23kg Each, Infant 10kg
Kuwait Airways - Adult & Child 23kg in 1 piece or 2 pieces
British Airways - Adult & Child 23kg in 1 peice or 2 pieces
Qatar Airways - Adult & Child 30kg in more than 1 piece allowed
Baggage Allowances may vary depending on your departure and arrivals cities, therefore you must check with your travel agents the correct allowance for your journey..

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