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PIA generally knows as Pakistan International Airlines is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. PIA was once regarded as Asia’s best airline. PIA is one of the few airlines of the world that offer 24 hours customer service. The fleet size is currently expanding from 35 to 5 + in order to provide the best service and experience. They were the first airline in the world to purchase the 777-200 long range aircraft. The baggage allowance for PIA is 40kg for adult and child passengers with a further 10kg for infant passengers. IATA CODE: PK PIA UK contact number: 020 87418066 / 0800 587 1023 (24/7) PIA head office in Karachi contact number: +92 3 21 457 20 11

TURKISH AIRLINES Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of Turkey. Currently the airline is operating scheduled services to over 190 international countries and 40 domestic airports around the world as of July 2013. Turkish Airlines has won multiple awards for Europe’s best airline 2011, 2012 and 2013. The fleet size has expanded rapidly and today Turkish airlines boasts over 230 aircraft in their fleet. The baggage allowance for Turkish airlines is 30kg for both adult and child passengers, infant passengers do not qualify for baggage allowance. IATA CODE: TK Turkish airlines contact number: 0844 8006666

QATAR AIRWAYS Qatar Airways is the national flag carrier of Qatar headquartered in the capital Doha. This expanding airline links over 100 destinations using its modern fleet of 100 + aircraft to accommodate its passengers. Qatar Airways is regarded as a safe airline giving each aircraft a maximum of 5 years to serve in their fleet so all aircraft are relatively new. Qatar Airways offers a first class cabin service to its customers having over 6.5 feet of legroom with fully equipped massage functions and entertainment on board. So if you have a long flight ahead of you try Qatar Airways for a fabulous experience. Baggage allowance for Qatar Airways is 30kg for adult and child passengers. IATA CODE: QR Qatar airways contact number: +44 208 976 5621

EMIRATES AIRLINES Emirates Airlines is an airline based in Dubai and is also the national flag carrier of Dubai. It is the largest airline in the middle east in terms of fleet size and is currently operating over 3,000 flights per week to more than 130 cities in 77 countries across 6 continents of the world. Emirates Airlines uses a mix fleet of airbus and wide body boeing aircraft. This airline has a record breaking 90 airbus a380’s on order, something which no airline has yet matched or even come close to the level achieved by Emirates Airlines. Having built up a strong brand name over the years it now ranks as amongst the world’s best airlines. Baggage allowance for Emirates Airlines is 30kg for adults and child passengers. Please note baggage allowance can vary according to the route. IATA CODE: EK Emirates Airlines contact number: 01625521471

ETIHAD AIRWAYS Etihad Airways is the national flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways operates 1,300 flight per week around the world using a fleet of approx 72 airbus ad boeing aircraft. It is the fourth largest airline in the middle east and the second largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways offers a great service to its customers as they pay attention to every detail on an individual basis. They focus on using the latest fleet with the best in flight entertainment possible. Eithad Airways uses both the Panasonic ex2 and the Thales top series i5000 to entertain and make it fun for its passengers whilst in the air. The airline has won awards for the best first class and business class cabins in the past few years. Baggage allowance for Etihad Airways is 30kg for both adult and child passengers. IATA CODE: EY Etihad Airways contact number: 08702417121

AIRBLUE (Click The Airline Logo For Further Information About The Airline) Airlbue is a private airline with its head office based in Islamabad. Airblue is known to be the second largest airline of Pakistan and currently operates 30 flights daily. The airline was established in 2003 and ever since has been successful in achieving its goals. They have expanded their fleet through the years and recently purchased two airbus a340’s to fly non-stop from Manchester to Islamabad. Further to this they have outspread their operation and have announced direct to flights to Pakistan from Birmingham to Islamabad airport. One of the great advantages to fly with Airblue is that you can upgrade your baggage allowance from as little as £20 for an extra piece of 32kg. Baggage allowance for Airblue is 32kg as standard with 7kg hand carry. IATA CODE: PA Airblue contact number: 01612365550 / 01612358794

AIR INDIA Air India is the national flag carrier of India. This airline serves 59 domestic and 28 international destinations in 19 countries around the world. Air India’s fleet consists of boeing 777-200 and 300 not to forget the 777-200 LR (long range). Currently Air India have a total of 97 aircraft in their fleet with 23 on order to expand their destinations and service. Air India caters three types of services which include first class, business class and economy class. The passengers on Air India can enjoy the in flight entertainment system having access to 5 channels airing hindi movies, Hollywood movies, music, cartoons and much more. Air India offers a premium lounge also called the Maharaja Lounge which is available to experience at one of each six major destinations in India. The baggage allowance for Air India is 47kg for adult and child passengers. IATA CODE: AI Air India contact number: 02077603290

Shaheen Air International operating as Shaheen Air is a private Pakistani airline with its head office on the grounds of Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.Shaheen Air, the airline provides passenger, cargo and charter services, Shaheen air operates from its hub in Karachi to major cities of Pakistan and the Middle East. It was founded in December 1993 and was established on 25 October 1994. The airline has started operations between Manchester UK and East Midlands UK to Islamabad.

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