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Mushtaq Travel is Derby's leading travel agent, specialising in cheap flights & Hotels to great Worldwide destinations including, Pakistan, India, Dubai & Worldwide, were always trying to provide our customers with the latest travel information to help you with your travel plans. View our current city guides, travel tips and much more, please feel free to have a browse through, were sure you will find our destination guide useful and handy when preparing your holiday or trip abroad.

Our Latest Most Popular Travel Guides


travel to pakistan

Pakistan A truly inspiring country home to several ancient cultures and numerous empires and dynasties, Pakistan was founded by Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1947 when it became independent from India.



travel thailand

Thailand With great food, climate, culture, and the best beaches it is one of the very best tourist destinations in the world, located Southeast Asia near the Indian Sub Continent Thailand is a truly remarkable place and well know...



dubai travel guide

Dubai The largest city in the United Arab Emirates it is one out of 7 Emirates that make up the country, situated along the coast of the persian gulf it is highly regarded as the Middle East's golden city known throughout the...



india travel guide

India The home to the world famous icon and a wonder of the world, The wonderful Taj Mahal, built by the late mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in memory of his 3rd wife. The Taj is truly a remarkable world heritage site...


Saudi Arabia

travel to saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia Is the largest arab state in the middle east and the largest oil producing country in the world. Saudi Arabia is the holiest land for Muslims and is the birth place of Islam, it is commonly refered to as the the land of the...


What you should know before making your holiday arrangements

  • Ensure your passport in valid for at least 6 months
  • Check your visa requirements
  • Make sure your immunisations are upto date
  • Check with the FCO website for any travel safety advice for the country you are visiting
  • Ensure you have adeqate travel insurance

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